CondexPRO Box 500 Series

The Vokèra CondexaPRO Box is a pre-assembled enclosed cascade based on the 500 series thermal group: condensing, pre-mixed, air blown and modulating combustion system.

Also it is available for both indoor and outdoor installations.

CondexaPRO AI 500 Box

 Characteristics and advantages

  • Possibility to combine CondexaPRO Box 500 series in cascade systems (in-line and back-to-back) to reach up to 3MW of total power.
  • Compact in-line solution.
  • All CondexaPRO Box units have already fitted and connected: water and gas manifolds, flue exhaust duct (with anti-return clapet on each unit) and condensate evacuation line.
  • The units boast the latest generation electronic control, modularity and versatility.
  • Designed to provide water to three different circuits at different temperatures either supplied as direct take offs or via a header system, utilising controls as required.
  • Modulating and modular power regulation.
  • Minimum polluting emissions (Class 5 of the UNI EN 483 standard – best European category in ecological terms) due to the controlled pre-mix burner and the micro-flame burner combination.
  • Water drain built in as standard in the boiler for each heating unit.
  • Can work with water-glycol mixture up to 50%.
  • Automatic burner ignition sequence reversal.
  • Frost protection system.