Vokèra Linea One combi boiler

The Linea One is the latest advancement in condensing gas boiler technology from Vokèra. The Linea One has one of the lowest emission ratings in its field and boasts one of the highest efficiency performances when installed with the external sensor that is included with the appliance, helping to save fuel. The Vokèra Linea One combi boiler has been designed for exceptional end user comfort and control, and comes with a 5 year parts and labour warranty for total peace of mind.



  • ErP Class A
  • Up to 94% efficient (ErP space heating) when installed with Vokèra weather compensation control (supplied as standard)
  • Combi boiler which provides instantaneous heating and hot water
  • 5 year parts & labour warranty
  • High domestic hot water flow rate, suitable for properties with multiple bathrooms
  • LCD Display helps you to view the current status of the appliance
  • Boasts the latest technology for maximum energy saving and comfort
  • No need for a storage cylinder or tanks, saving you space
  • Energy Saving Trust endorsed product

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 Further information on Linea One’s Energy Saving technology

The Linea One boasts an enviable modulation ratio of 10:1, this high ratio enables the boiler output to be reduced to as little as 10%.  For example its 38kW output can reduce to just 3.8kW, so when the home only requires 4kW, the boiler will modulate itself down to 4kW.  Boilers with an inferior ratio, for example 4:1 would only reduce to 9.5kW, resulting in wasteful on/off cycling and reduced efficiency.  A high modulation ratio can significantly reduce wasteful on/off cycles, which in turn, will increase component longevity and helps to ensure stable domestic hot water temperatures.

In simple terms; 10:1 modulation = better fuel efficiency, increased component longevity and optimal comfort.

The Linea One also has a low energy pump that reduces electrical consumption by up to half that of boilers with a standard pump, thus reducing your running costs.

 Being prepared!

The Linea One combi boiler comes with some great features that maximise your comfort, including an intelligent pre-heat on the domestic hot water. By pressing the memory function button on the display, the Linea One boiler will memorise your domestic hot water pattern for 7 days, the following 7 days it will pre-heat itself to just before the time of day you used domestic hot water during the previous week, meaning for example, that when you take your morning shower, the Linea One boiler is up to temperature and you don’t have a delay while waiting for the hot water to come through!

 Being in Control

The Linea One’s display module helps you to be in control of your heating and hot water. By activating the comfort button you can fix the temperature of the domestic hot water between 35 – 45°C. This can be particularly useful if there are young children or elderly relatives in the home.