Vokèra Mynute i system boiler

The new Vokèra Mynute i boilers are simple to operate and is the ideal boiler where space is at a premium. The Mynute i condensing system boilers are for central heating only, but can provide for your domestic hot water needs when installed with a storage cylinder.



  • ErP Class A
  • System boiler for central heating only
  • 5 year parts & labour warranty
  • Simple to operate
  • Extremely high modulation ratio to help with energy saving and fuel efficiency

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 Further Information & Advice

The Mynute i is an A rated efficiency appliance that can save up to 30% on gas bills, you can also achieve a further 10% energy saving by using Vokèra’s outside weather compensation control, for more information on this control, view the energy saving controls leaflet above.

 Modulation explained:

The Mynute i range boasts an enviable modulation ratio of up to 10:1**, this high ratio enables the boiler output to be reduced to as little as 12%.  For example the 30kW Mynute i can reduce its output to just 3.5kW, so when the home only requires 3.5kW, the boiler will modulate itself down to 3.5kW. Boilers with an inferior ratio, for example 4:1 would only reduce to 7kW, resulting in wasteful on/off cycling and reduced efficiency. A high modulation ratio can significantly reduce wasteful on/off cycles, which in turn, will increase component longevity and helps to ensure stable domestic hot water temperatures.

In simple terms; 10:1 modulation = better fuel efficiency, increased component longevity, optimal comfort.

Also available is the Mynute 35HE, code 880.