Evacuated Tube Collectors

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Part of the Zenith solar thermal range

Vokèra’s solar evacuated tube collectors are called Zenith and are available from one to six collectors in a series, depending upon your requirement. To help you choose the right solution for your home, Vokèra offers pre-sales service and can provide no obligation advice.


  • Ideal for retrofit and new build applications
  • Long working life
  • Solar Keymark seal of approval
  • Greater application flexibility and efficiency

Further Information & Advice

Solar thermal evacuated tube collectors can provide a percentage of your domestic hot water needs, the remaining shortfall is made up by your traditional gas boiler (or other heating system). An evacuated tube collector system is made up of the following main components: solar evacuated tube collector(s), twin coil cylinder, pump station and control.

Vokèra advises that a solar evacuated tube system is connected to a twin coil cylinder and a system or open vent boiler. This allows the solar energy collected to be stored in a cylinder for later use, the boiler also acts as a top up, when the solar evacuated tube collector is not able reach the desired temperature..