Vokèra Mynute i system boiler

Outputs (kW): 20 – 30

The Mynute i high specification condensing system boiler has been designed to provide an energy efficient, easy to install and simple to maintain heating solution where space is at a premium. With an enviable modulation ratio of 10:1 the Mynute i maximises fuel saving performance without compromising on comfort. This high modulation ensures that the boiler can modulate down to an extremely low output, reducing wear and tear on primary components and optimising fuel efficiency.



  • ErP Class A
  • Up to 97% efficient (ErP space heating) when installed with optional Vokèra intelligent controls
  • 5 year parts and labour warranty
  • Rear flue option
  • Front mounted heat exchanger for simple maintenance
  • 10:1 modulation ratio, maximises efficiency and end user comfort

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 Modulation explained:

The Mynute i range boasts an enviable modulation ratio of up to 10:1, this high ratio enables the boiler output to be reduced to as little as 12%.

For example the 30kW Mynute i can reduce its output to just 3.5kW, so when the home only requires 3.5kW, the boiler will modulate itself down to 3.5kW. Boilers with an inferior ratio, for example 4:1 would only reduce to 7kW, resulting in wasteful on/off cycling and reduced efficiency. A high modulation ratio can significantly reduce wasteful on/off cycles, which in turn, will increase component longevity and helps to ensure stable domestic hot water temperatures.

In simple terms; 10:1 modulation = better fuel efficiency, increased component longevity and optimal comfort.
Also available is the Mynute 35HE, code 880.