Condexa Pro 1000 Box Series

The Condexa Pro 1000 Box is a pre-built floor-standing cabinet. Fully tested plug and play solution which can be cascaded up to 6.9MW, offering both indoor and outdoor solutions.



Characteristics and advantages

  • Sophisticated multi-zone heating control and monitoring which may negate the need for a BMS in some cases (with additional master control unit)
  • External flue header (additional)
  • Internal gas pipe
  • Internal shunt pumps
  • Up to 500kW per unit (2, 3 or 4 heat engines)
  • Linear or back-to-back configurations
  • Separate cascade controller
  • 4 Star class A efficiency†
  • Condenses even in high temperature systems
  • Large heat exchanger surface area – copper & stainless steel
  • NOx class 5
  • Gas or LPG (conversion kit included as standard)
  • Automatic burner ignition sequence reversal
  • Built-in water drain
  • Can work with water glycol mix up to 50%
  • Each combustion unit can be individually serviced or maintained without loss of other units

† According to EEC 92/42.