Vokera AriaPRO Air Source Heating

Outputs (kW): 4 – 6 – 8 – 12 – 15

The AriaPRO Air Source heat pumps are ideal for new build and retrofit applications, their minimal installation preparation are making them a popular renewable technology. Utilising ambient air and upgrading it to a more useful temperature between 35° and 60° makes AriaPRO ideal for underfloor heating systems, oversize radiators, DHW and heating swimming pools.

AriaPRO heat pumps have a coefficient of performance of up to 4.2 (1kW of electricity used to generate 4.2kW of heat). It is supplied with built-in external sensor, supplementary external sensor and remote control to maximise efficiency.

It has an integral expansion vessel (2 litres with the 4, 6 and 8kW and 3 litres with the 12 and 15kW outputs). Its twin rotary compressor managed by PAM and PWM logic control ensures both temperature and efficiency is optimised at all times leading to fuel efficiency, lower noise and improved end user comfort.


  • ErP Class A
  • Coefficient of performance up to 4.2
  • Ideal for new build and retrofit applications
  • Simple installation with minimum installation preparation
  • Ideal for underfloor heating, oversize radiators, DHW and heating swimming pools
  • High performance, achieving temperatures up to 60°C
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