Vokèra Zenith Evacuated tube solar thermal collectors

The Zenith Evacuated tube solar thermal collectors are ideal for both new build and retrofit applications. The Vokèra Zenith packages enable simple ordering of a complete Zenith system and are compatible with the Vokèra Mynute i, Vision System or Mynute VHE open vent boilers and AquaFlow twin coil cylinders.

Zenith Evacuated tube collectors provide improved efficiency, making them a more viable option where the installation position falls outside of the ideal positioning for flat plate collectors. Also Evacuated tube collectors provide greater efficiency due to the vacuum within the glass tubes enabling them to retain absorbed heat for longer.

We recommend installations are carried out by installers having completed the full scope solar thermal course. For more information on this certificated course click here.

Evacuated Tube Solar panel


  • Ideal for new build and retrofit applications
  • Highly selective coating on copper absorber plate within each tube for excellent absorption
  • Pressurised system for optimum performance
  • Greater application flexibility and efficiency
  • MCS approved – demonstrating the quality and reliability
  • Solar Keymark seal of approval
  • ETL registered enabling businesses to claim tax relief
  • Full pre and post sales support via Vokèra Pre-Sales Advice Team and Technical Team

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