Vokèra evolve – An overview of the Vokèra evolve gas boiler range

Discover what the Vokèra evolve boiler range has to offer as we walk you through the full range of features and benefits.

Vokèra evolve – Connecting external controls explained

How to connect external controls to the Vokèra evolve range, including OpenTherm.

An overview of ErP for gas boilers

Energy-related Products (ErP) is a European directive relating to products that use energy or that influence energy consumption.

Vokèra evolve – What is the Embedded Timer feature?

Programme the Vokèra evolve boiler to suit lifestyle and the needs of the family using the built-in Embedded Timer feature, available on all of the Vokèra evolve range of boilers.

What is the Boiler Plus scheme?

Find out about the Boiler Plus scheme and which additional measures are required when installing a combination boiler.

Vokèra evolve – The REC10 user interface explained

Discover what the REC10 LED interface has to offer, as our Vokèra Technical Trainer David Iszchak takes you through its main features.

Vokèra evolve – Finding the boiler serial number and technical information

Whether you need to find the serial number for your Vokèra evolve boiler or more technical information, this video will explain how.

Vokèra evolve – Boiler servicing and warranty explained

Looking for more information on Vokèra evolve servicing and boiler warranty? Our Vokèra Technical Trainer David Iszchak provides an overview.