Air Source Heat Pump NXH 044 - 164

NXH_044_164_1 NXH_044_164_2
Output (kW): 43-162

Silenced air-water heat pump with helical fans from 43kW to 162kW, with ecological refrigerant R410A. The NXH series units are heat pumps for heating and air conditioning of commercial users for outdoor installation, available with various options to choose from such as: one pump, two pumps, with or without tank, with or without partial recoverer. Maximum reliability and efficiency thanks to the high level of partialization: for powers up to 121kW with two/three single-circuit Scroll compressors, while for powers of 142kW and 162kW with four compressors divided into two circuits. The water-side exchanger is of the brazed plate type. The units are equipped with axial fans with external rotor with variable speed, to ensure operation with outdoor temperatures down to -10°C in heating mode. Intuitive interface thanks to the touch screen control with possible M-BUS connection.

  • CLASS A + efficiency
  • Plug & Play solution with pump(s) on board the machine (optional)
  • Low aesthetic impact thanks to the reduced height
  • Easy maintenance by removing the service panels
  • Air exchanger protection grille
  • Touch screen control panel with possible M-BUS connection