Saving Energy

One third of all CO2 emissions in the UK comes from our homes. If you are thinking about updating your boiler and/or integrating renewable technologies, you can not only significantly lower your property’s carbon emissions, but can save you up to a third of your energy usage.

As well as looking at the energy usage, it is important to minimise wasted energy. Simple steps such as loft insulation should also be carried out. Further advice on saving energy around your home can be found on the Energy Saving Trust website.

Saving Energy by maintaining your Boiler

In order to maximise energy savings, it’s important to maintain your heating system, for example through an annual service, as a boiler’s efficiency can impact the amount of energy used.

Before your new boiler is installed the heating system should be flushed by your Gas Safe Register Engineer. Putting a new boiler into a heating system that has not been flushed can result in loss of efficiency and even damage to your new boiler. For details on flushing and cleaning of your system speak to your Gas Safe Register Engineer.

Once your new boiler is installed you should get a service and safety check every year. This ensures that the appliance is working as it should and that its’ efficiency is maintained. A poorly maintained boiler can seriously affect its efficiency. If you want to arrange for an annual service then please contact our Service department here.

Saving Energy with central heating programmers

A central heating programmer allows you to set your appliance to come on at different times, and can save a lot of wasted energy and fuel usage. Many wireless programmers are now available on the market so that installation can be carried out relatively simply.

Central heating programmers can help increase the efficiency of a heating systems; Vokèra offer a range of central heating programmers to complement its range of boilers which can be found here.

Saving energy with renewable products

Advances in technology have meant that many renewable technologies are more financially viable. There are also many more choices and options available. For more information on renewable products click here.