Steel Pro Power

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Steel Pro Power is the new modular floor standing gas condensing system, conceived and developed with the aim of maximising flexibility and simplicity of installation, ensuring the continuity of service typical of modular systems. With a wide range of accessories, Steel Pro Power can be installed either in single configuration (from 114 up to 540kW) or in cascade (from 655 up to 1310kW). The cabinets consist of an anodised aluminium frame assembly and painted panels containing 2,3 or 4 heat engines (depending on the model). The system is available in two versions: with low-energy modulating pumps (type P) or with 2-way valves (type V). All models are internally equipped with hydraulic, gas, condensate and flue exhaust manifolds. The power supplied by the individual modules is managed with the new electronics control, compatible with the Modbus protocol.

  • In conformity with Directive 2009/125/EC
  • Condensing modular thermal units for indoor applications (outdoor with optional kit) consisting of painted technical cabinet, heat engines from 57kW up to 131kW and system accessories
  • Low emissions, NOx Class 6 (EN 15502)
  • Linear or curved climatic adjustment, in combination with the external probe
  • Management of cascade modules inside the cabinet
  • Management of boiler cascades with Managing / Dependant logic
  • Power control for operation a Δt constant
  • ACS production management and direct circuit
  • Possibility of system expansion through accessory control additional heating zones (direct / mixed)
  • Modulating pumps control (PWM / 0-10 V)
  • Remote management via Modbus
  • External power control via 0-10 V input
  • Control panel features a multilingual, multi-level tree menu
  • Management of user profiles protected by a password
  • Large backlit screen, 255×80 pixels
  • Management of weekly time schedules
  • Boiler error history