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Vibe MAX – Max features, innovative design.

The Vibe MAX is a brand new boiler platform that combines value-for-money with high-end functionality. Available in a choice of combi and system models, the compact Vibe MAX is certified to be 20% hydrogen-blend ready and is packed with all-new features, including built-in Modbus connector, revised ‘universal pipework’ layout, and a primary heat exchanger in stainless steel.

  • 5 year parts and labour warranty
  • A new large bore radial stainless steel heat exchanger allows front servicing. Single coil, two pass with retarder.
  • Designed for easy installation: click fit flue connection and universal pipework layout makes Vibe MAX an ideal replacement boiler
  • Wide modulation ratio. Easy to range rate the heating output below 3kW on 20S model).
  • Front access for servicing.
  • Approved for use with a hydrogen/methane blend (20/80)
  • Quiet operation – 50dB for model 20S and 53dB for model 25S.
  • Internal condensate trap with new non-stick safety ball seating.
  • Schrader valve for expansion vessel outside boiler casing for easy servicing and maintenance.
  • Easy to use digital interface with individual heating and hot water controls ensure a simple temperature adjustment operation for the end user.
  • Programmable CFS (Call For Service) and SFS (Stop For Service) function.