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Vokèra AquaNova water heater

Vokèra’s gas water heater AquaNova offers a simple solution for providing instantaneous domestic hot water. The AquaNova is a multipoint gas water heater that can provide domestic hot water to a number of outlets in your property. The AquaNova is simple, solid and high performing.



  • ErP Class A
  • High performance mains pressure to all hot water outlets
  • High flow rate of 11.8 litres per minute
  • Simple to operate

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Vokèra AriaPRO air source heating appliance

Air source heating appliances, such as the AriaPRO, utilise the air in the atmosphere for space heating and domestic hot water. Useful heat can be obtained from air in the atmosphere as low as -20°C. Air source heating appliances are often used to heat swimming pools as well as underfloor heating systems, due to the lower temperatures required. However the Vokèra AriaPRO can deliver temperatures up to 60°C, which can be transferred to a water cylinder to also help heat domestic hot water.

Air source heating appliances are usually situated outside a property; they lend themselves well to existing and new build properties due to a minimal installation preparation, which predominantly entails ensuring a flat and stable foundation.

picture of aria air source heat pump


  • ErP Class A
  • Up to 4.2kW of heat generated for 1kW of electricity used
  • Ideal for underfloor heating or large surface area radiators
  • Can reach temperatures up to 60°C
  • Minimal installation preparation makes AriaPRO ideal for retrofit or new build applications

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Further Information & Advice

It is important if you are investing in an air source heat pump(s) that you have good insulation and have draught proofed your property to minimize wasted heat and maximize on the effectiveness of your system.

AquaFlow Twin

Vokèra AquaFlow Twin coil unvented cylinder

The AquaFlow Twin coil unvented cylinder is compatible with the Vokèra Mynute VHE, Mynute i and Vision S boiler ranges to store domestic hot water. Also, the twin coil unvented cylinder is ideal for use with solar thermal heating systems and is compatible with Vokèra’s Zenith range. AquaFlow Twin comes in three capacities: 200 litres, 250 litres and 300 litres.



  • ErP Class C (200 & 250) Class D (300)
  • The AquaFlow Twin can be installed and later connected to a Solar thermal system to help spread the cost of a Solar installation
  • No cold water feed tanks required which means a dry loft space
  • Inner tanks is guaranteed for 25 years (2 years on ancillary components)
  • Factory fitted with one immersion heater

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Further Information

The AquaFlow Twin houses two coils: the top coil is usually connected to your boiler, the bottom coil can them be connected to a Solar thermal system. If you are upgrading your heating system and water cylinder, it may make economical sense to have an AquaFlow Twin coil cylinder that can be connected to Solar thermal system at the same time or at a later date.


Vokèra AquaFlow indirect unvented cylinder

The AquaFlow single coil (indirect) unvented cylinder is designed for use with our Mynute VHE open vent, Mynute i and Vision S system boiler ranges to store domestic hot water. The indirect model is compact and flexible; ideal for when space is an issue and for ease of installation. There are 6 sizes to chose from – 120 litres to 300 litres, which cover most installation requirements.



  • ErP Class B (120) – Class C (150 – 300)
  • High performance mains pressure to all hot water outlets
  • For use with the Vokèra Mynute VHE, Mynute i, and Vision S ranges
  • Inner tank is guaranteed for 25 years (2 years on ancillary components)
  • Compact dimensions

Information Downloads

Click here to view all Vokèra literature.

Water Heater

Water Heater

A water heater heats domestic hot water instantly. Vokèra water heaters are multipoint, which allows you to connect the water heater to a number of outlets. Gas water heaters are simple, reliable and more efficient than electric water heaters. Always seek advice from your Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Vokèra offer the following water heater:

Model Name Description Overview
AquaNova Instantaneous Multipoint Gas Water Heater. Flow rate of 11.8 litres per minute.

Unvented Cylinders

Unvented Cylinders

An unvented cylinder is used to store domestic water that is heated by a system / regular boiler or by a renewable heat source such as solar thermal or a heat pump. Vokèra unvented cylinders maintain mains water pressure no matter where the unvented cylinder is located throughout the property. Unvented cylinders generally offer high performance hot water flow rates and are particularly suited to properties that have multiple bathrooms.

There are two types of Vokèra unvented cylinders, which are called: single coil unvented cylinders and twin coil unvented cylinders. In most properties with an unvented cylinder, it is likely to be a single coil unvented cylinder. The benefits of a twin coil cylinder, allows the heating system to also be connected to a solar panel. If you are considering having a solar thermal installation at some point and you require a new unvented cylinder, it may make economical sense to invest in a twin coil unvented cylinder. With heat pumps, an unvented cylinder with a larger coil is required to work with the lower temperatures that heat pump operate. Always seek advice from your Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Vokèra offers the following unvented cylinders.

Model Name Description Renewables Compatible Capacities (litres)
AquaFlow Compact and flexible No 120 – 150 – 180 – 200 – 250 – 300
AquaFlow Twin Twin coil cylinder compatible with solar thermal Yes 200 – 250 – 300

This shows a heating system with an unvented cylinder.

Saving Energy

Saving Energy

One third of all CO2 emissions in the UK comes from our homes. If you are thinking about updating your boiler and/or integrating renewable technologies, you can not only significantly lower your property’s carbon emissions, but can save you up to a third of your energy usage.

As well as looking at the energy usage, it is important to minimise wasted energy. Simple steps such as loft insulation should also be carried out. Further advice on saving energy around your home can be found on the Energy Saving Trust website.

Saving Energy by maintaining your Boiler

In order to maximise energy savings, it’s important to maintain your heating system, for example through an annual service, as a boiler’s efficiency can impact the amount of energy used.

Before your new boiler is installed the heating system should be flushed by your Gas Safe Register Engineer. Putting a new boiler into a heating system that has not been flushed can result in loss of efficiency and even damage to your new boiler. For details on flushing and cleaning of your system speak to your Gas Safe Register Engineer.

Once your new boiler is installed you should get a service and safety check every year. This ensures that the appliance is working as it should and that its’ efficiency is maintained. A poorly maintained boiler can seriously affect its efficiency. If you want to arrange for an annual service then please contact our Service department here.

Saving Energy with central heating programmers

A central heating programmer allows you to set your appliance to come on at different times, and can save a lot of wasted energy and fuel usage. Many wireless programmers are now available on the market so that installation can be carried out relatively simply.

Central heating programmers can help increase the efficiency of a heating systems; Vokèra offer a range of central heating programmers to complement its range of boilers which can be found here.

Saving energy with renewable products

Advances in technology have meant that many renewable technologies are more financially viable. There are also many more choices and options available. For more information on renewable products click here.

Why Choose Vokèra?

Why choose Vokèra

When choosing a heating appliance or solution, Vokèra is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. From advice to what heating solution is best for your home or business to after sales service support back up for your appliance during its lifetime. With a 99% reliability rate within the first two years of installation, Vokèra boasts some of the leading reliability figures in the market. We achieve these leading results because every single Vokèra appliance is pre-tested in the factory before dispatch. State of the art Research and Development and Manufacturing plants in Northern Italy ensure you get an appliance with the latest technology, highest efficiency, safety and reliability built in as standard.

 Our Approach

Vokèra has a strong set of internal values and ethos that positively impacts on the levels of service our customers receive.

You will find that the Vokèra team support each other and work together, which fosters a caring approach in everything we do. We invest heavily in ensuring our team are fully trained, professional and consistent to enable them to deliver a first class service inline with our internal values.

 Vokèra Support

Your Vokèra boiler or renewable product** should be serviced annually to ensure it continues to work to its maximum efficiency, the annual service also includes routine safety checks for your peace of mind. Vokèra offer an annual service contract for your boiler or renewable product, or you can simply contact our Customer Care team to book your boiler or renewable product in for its annual service***. Click here for details of Vokèra Annual Service Plans.

Should your boiler require a repair and it is out of its warranty period, Vokèra offer Fixed Price Repair plans and Repair + 1 year warranty plans*. Click here for details of Vokèra Repair Plans.

Vokèra have fully trained and qualified direct employed engineers and specially selected agents to undertake any maintenance and repair required on your boiler or renewable product, you simply need to contact the Vokèra customer care team to arrange a call.

 Vokèra Range

As a leading manufacturer of heating appliances Vokèra has an extensive product range to ensure that there is a Vokèra appliance to suit your needs, our products boast the latest technology and highest efficiency to maximise your comfort. For now you may be looking for a boiler, perhaps you may consider renewable products in the future. By choosing Vokèra you can keep with one manufacturer brand for your heating needs from boilers, unvented cylinders, controls and renewables.
If you would like an information pack please enter your email address and we will email you one straight back

*Terms and conditions apply
**Renewable products can carry differing maintenance requirements
***An annual service must be undertaken to validate any manufacturer warranty you have

Find an Installer

Find an Installer

If you are having a new boiler installed or your heating system upgraded, it is vitally important that you find an installer that is fully qualified and competent. Both the Gas Safe Register and Benchmark, as found below, set good standards for the industry and Vokèra’s Approved Installers adhere to these standards.

Find an Approved Installer now

To get contact details for a Vokèra Approved Installer or request a Vokèra Approved Installer to contact you, please either email the Boiler Upgrade department at: or call on: 01727 744031 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Vokèra’s approved installation agents must be on the Gas Safe Register and follow the Benchmark procedures by completing the Checklist that can be found at the back of your Vokèra manual. Our Approved Installers must also receive training from Vokèra every year. A copy of the Benchmark Code of Practice can be downloaded here.


Gas Safe Register

Gas Safe Register runs the register of legal gas engineers who are qualified to work with gas in Great Britain and Isle of Man. To carry out work on gas installations and appliances safely and legally, gas engineers must be in the Gas Safe Register. Always ask for a Gas Safe registered engineer and always ask to see their identity card.

You should also check the back of the identity card that clearly states the work that the engineer is qualified to carry out, so check the back of the card too. Those who have the relevant qualifications will not mind you asking. Be gas safe. For more information and to find and check an engineer go to Gas Safe Register’s website or call 0800 408 5500.



Vokèra also supports, and is a member, of the Benchmark initiative, which is the nationally-recognised scheme that places responsibilities on both manufacturers and installers to ensure best practice in the installation, commissioning and servicing of domestic heating and hot water products in line with Building Regulations in England and Wales. It is managed and promoted by the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC).