Bournemouth-based Absolute Plumbing Services recently completed a major home heating system upgrade for a residential customer using Vokèra by Riello’s new high-performing evolve boiler. Installed in combination with its BeSMART control system, the new system represents a significant improvement for the homeowner that will deliver substantial performance, efficiency and ease of use benefits.

The key driver behind this new installation for the three-bedroom, one-bathroom property in Bournemouth was the failure of the existing back boiler that had served the home for more than 40 years. Absolute Plumbing Services recommended a complete overhaul of the gravity fed system that included disconnecting the back-boiler unit, pump, controls and tanks in the loft along with the removal of the existing hot water cylinder. Original galvanised pipework and out of date radiators would also be removed and replaced. A Vokèra by Riello evolve, operating on a pressurised system with a BeSMART controller, provided the perfect, simple to operate boiler replacement solution.

Darren Rice of Absolute Plumbing Services takes up the story. “With the back boiler clearly beyond repair, this was the right time to review how and where we could make improvements for the homeowner. Our primary focus was to take advantage of the latest, most fuel-efficient technology to reduce running costs. Using an evolve combi, together with a BeSMART control, ensured we could deliver on those promises, and more.”

The evolve is a cutting-edge range of combi and system boilers capable of meeting a wide variety of applications. The 32C model installed in this project offers an A-rated space heating efficiency of 94 percent under the Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive. By adding Vokèra’s BeSMART internet-connected thermostat to the system with weather compensation enabled, the solution is rated an A+ heating package under ErP. As the OpenTherm protocol is embedded in the evolve range, BeSMART acts as a Class VI control, improving the heating system efficiency by 4 percent. This control solution also complies with the new Boiler Plus legislation that came into force in England in April 2018.

The boiler also provides a ‘comparative hot water efficiency’ of 77 percent under the UK Building Regulations’ Standard Assessment Procedure. It will condense in domestic hot water mode thanks to its next generation plate heat exchanger and provides class leading domestic hot water flow rates into the house.

Specifically designed to be quick and easy for installers to fit and service, the evolve helped Rice and his team complete this renovation project within just five days. With no available room for the boiler in the compact kitchen, they located the evolve in an adjacent space, with a right-hand side flue option. The boiler’s pre-fixing jig, complete with its built-in filling loop, saved important time in running and connecting new pipework and installation while integral frost protection made possible its location in an unheated space.

The REC10 liquid crystal display user interface saved set up and commissioning time. The full text menu-driven control helped Darren quickly navigate through evolve’s parameters and settings.

“This is the first time I’ve fitted an evolve unit and I was very impressed. It’s a well-designed, good-looking and extremely efficient boiler, even more so when you add the BeSMART control. Along with the other improvements, we’ve made to the system, the homeowner will save energy, enjoy better water flow rates from a pressurised system and there’s no risk of water leakage from the old tanks in the loft. BeSMART makes control of the system much easier too – even allowing remote control of the heating over Wi-Fi for extra convenience.”

The evolve also displays system pressure which can be monitored remotely via the BeSMART. As an added safety feature, the boiler incorporates a carbon monoxide (CO) monitor and alarm, which checks the level of CO and will shut off the boiler if excessive CO is emitted.

This installation is covered by a 10-year warranty available on evolve boilers when fitted with BeSMART and registered via the Vokèra Affinity loyalty and reward programme. More details on evolve and its accessories can be found here: http://www.vokera.co.uk/evolve/.