Vokèra manufactures a comprehensive range of gas boilers and specialise in the domestic market. Vokèra’s portfolio of boilers include: combi boilers, sealed system boilers, open vent boilers and light commercial sealed system boilers.

Vokèra boilers are available in natural gas with kits available to allow simple conversion to LPG. Vokèra also complement the boiler range with the most versatile flueing options currently available and a suite of controls to maximise boiler efficiency. All Vokèra system and open vent boilers are compatible with Vokèra Zenith Solar thermal systems.

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Combi Boilers
Model Name Description Outputs (kW)
evolve C It’s got it all… 24/28/32/36/42
Linea One High technology 38
Unica i Advanced energy saving credentials 28/32/36
Vision Combi Installer friendly and feature rich 25/30
Compact A Cost conscious solution 25/29

System Boilers
Model Name Description Outputs (kW)
evolve S It’s got it all… 18/24/30/35
Mynute i Easy to install and simple to maintain 20/30
Mynute 35HE System boiler 35
Vision System Installer friendly and feature rich 20/25

Open Vent Boilers
Model Name Description Outputs (kW)
Mynute VHE Compact and flexible 15/20

 Commercial Boilers
Model Name Description Outputs (kW)
Verve i50 Light commercial system boiler 50
CondexaPRO Commercial system boilers 50 to 400


Vokera CondexaPRO Light Commercial System Boiler

The CondexaPRO is Vokèra’s light commercial high efficiency modular boiler range. Unlike many systems on the market, Vokèra’s CondexaPRO features three different circuits, which enables it to heat the radiators, unvented cylinders and underfloor heating at three different temperatures. The perfectly flexible light commercial boiler.

All Vokera boilers are manufactured to the highest quality with 100% being tested before leaving our factory.

  • A rated
  • Three different temperature circuits to heat radiators, unvented cylinders and underfloor heating
  • Flexible application, linear, back to back, cascade and free standing
  • High quality components and accessories to configure CondexaPRO cascades up to 400kW
  • Speedy installation with clever framework for mounting the boilers
  • Minimum polluting emissions, class 5 of the UNI EN677 standard (best European category in ecology)
  • Maximum efficiency, boilers can modulate down to as little as 16kW, even in a 400kW configuration
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picture of condexa pro
The CondexaPRO is extremely versatile and is suitable for a wide range of commercial applications, including churches, schools, offices, hotels and many more.
The flexible nature of the CondexaPRO, means it can easily integrate with renewable solutions to maximise energy savings. To discuss your project with Vokera’s dedicated commercial team, email:


Welcome to Vokèra

More than one and a half million Vokèra boilers and heating products have brought warmth and comfort to customers across the UK & Ireland.

Vokèra is an industry leader in quality home heating solutions, offering a comprehensive product range for domestic home heating and light commercial applications.

Vokèra’s heating products include; high efficiency condensing combi boilers, system boilers, open vent boilers plus water heaters and unvented cylinders alongside a vast commercial range. Renewable energy products also complement the range of boilers and unvented cylinders and include solar thermal and heat pumps.

To find out more about these heating solutions, use the navigation to view information on: condensing boilers, renewable energy, water heaters or unvented cylinders. Within each section we explain the different types available and offer some practical advice.

Vokèra products have quality built in as standard and have been designed for ease of installation and commissioning, ease of operation and a lifetime reliability.

Our policy of continuous innovation and technological advancement means that our boilers and renewable products are among those leading the market in increased energy efficiency. Vokèra is ISO 9001 approved, is a member of the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council, supports the ‘Benchmark’ initiative, and the Gas Safe Register.