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Vokèra, an industry leader in quality home heating solutions, has been highly commended by Domestic and General (D&G) customers for the third year running. D&G, the UK’s leading specialist warranty provider, conducts a quarterly independent Customer Satisfaction Survey, based on a questionnaire sent to its customers following each callout and reviews customer service and satisfaction levels. The latest report has awarded Vokèra with an impressive overall satisfaction rating of 94.58% and places the company in the top spot against other rival boiler brands and second in the overall manufacturer list (measured against rival boiler brands but crucially leading white goods manufacturers as well).

Vokèra is one of the leading UK boiler brands, renowned for its comprehensive range of energy efficient appliances, including the Unica i, Vision and Mynute i, supported by a reputation for excellence in customer service, support and training. The company’s product portfolio also includes a full range of ancillaries and control devices to optimise ease of installation and efficiency still further. Vokèra also supplies the market with a commercial boiler range, unvented cylinders, gas fired water heaters, solar thermal collectors and air source heat pumps. Established over 30 years ago, Vokèra has bases across the UK and Ireland to support each installation and every installer.