It’s New and All About You with Vokèra Affinity – Available NOW!

Vokera Affinity CMYK Logo CMFollowing extensive consultation with the market, Vokèra is proud to announce that the relaunch of its popular loyalty scheme, Vokèra Affinity, to now live and ready to support, inspire and motivate the modern, digitally-driven installer.

The new Vokèra Affinity scheme offers installers unparalleled support and convenience by allowing them to register their customers’ exteAffinity logonded product warranty, receive free Gas Safe notification and claim their Affinity points in one easy online form. Additionally, the new scheme provides installers with personalised rewards, Marketing Support, product information, spare parts, stockists, literature and Technical Support all in one place. For more information, please click here.

Affinity App

The scheme is the result of extensive research conducted by Vokèra with existing Affinity members and non-members to ensure the scheme was designed around them fulfilling their needs as modern, professional installers. As a result, Vokèra has ensured Affinity will help installers and make their working lives easier by reducing paperwork allowing them more time to get on with the job

and enjoy their free time.

Following the relaunch of Vokèra Affinity, Vokèra is also launching the Vokèra App. The Vokèra App, which will be available on iOS and Android devices in the next few weeks, will be able to do everything the website can do on the move, wherever you are! You will be able to register installations, log on to your Affinity account and access a whole host of support material on an engaging portable interface.

Vokèra Affinity is now live, and ready. To register please click here and view this Registration and Claim Guide for more information.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Affinity Support Team on 01727 744044 or email

What does the year ahead hold for the boiler industry?

logoNeil Mattock, Marketing Director at Vokèra, looks at the key issues that will affect the boiler industry during 2015.

One of the biggest changes expected this year is the introduction of the ErP (Energy-related Products) Directive. Coming into force in September, the ErP is a mandatory piece of EU legislation which will create minimum efficiency standards for heating and hot water systems, by ensuring that manufacturers meet energy labelling and eco-design requirements. It is designed to help achieve a targeted EU reduction in greenhouse as emissions of 34% by 2020 and 80% by 2050.

In essence, the ErP will ensure that specific design requirements are met and that products are labelled with their energy efficiency ratings, named the Labelling Directive. The energy performance labels are rated from G to A+++, in a similar way to the ratings already found on domestic white goods.

Overall, the aim is to drive change and encourage the uptake of more energy efficient boilers, allowing installers and consumers to compare the respective performances of different products in a clearly labelled, easily recognisable way. After the introduction of ErP, manufacturers will not be able to produce boilers below a particular efficiency.

Of course, improving efficiency continues to be a very important goal for manufacturers, ahead of the ErP introduction, and there is much that has been done to help installers reduce fuel bills and carbon emissions for their customers.

Boiler modulation will continue to be a significant area of innovation. In simple terms, this is the boiler’s ability to reduce its maximum output to its minimum output. A wide modulation range will provide a good output ratio, whereas a narrow modulation will give a poor ratio. For example, if a boiler has a maximum output of 30kW and a minimum output of 7.7kW its modulation ratio is less than 4:1. Meanwhile, an appliance with a maximum output of 30kW and a minimum output of 3kW has a wider modulation ratio of 10:1. This will both improve comfort levels and significantly reduce the wear and tear of the boiler itself, consequently improving the overall efficiency of the boiler.

Interactive controls will also play their part in making boilers as efficient as possible. Linking the boiler to an intelligent thermostat control can contribute to efficiency improvements. For example, Vokèra has recently introduced its OpenTherm protocol RF programmable room thermostat to improve boiler operating efficiency still further. Simple to install, this product modulates the boiler’s outlet flow-temperature in line with the internal temperature to substantially reduce a home’s energy consumption by as much as 10%.

Weather compensation controls regulate the output of the boiler in line with the outside temperature, and will lead to further savings of 3% under SAP, which allows the space heating efficiency to also rise by 3%. Our research shows that having no temperature control or no boiler ‘interlock’ will impair efficiency by as much as 5%.

Installing a combi boiler with a high maximum output and a wide modulation ratio will deliver optimal efficiency and comfort. Vokèra has made a significant investment in the development of boilers with excellent modulation ratios. For example, our latest Unica i28, Unica i32 and Unica i36 boilers all feature a class-leading modulation ratio of 10:1. This range also incorporates weather compensation and OpenTherm technology to further enhance fuel efficiency and comfort still further.

2015 is going to be an exciting year for the boiler industry and here at Vokèra we are looking forward to the challenges ahead. We have all the tools and information installers need to understand the changes and make the most of the upcoming opportunities.

Riello Group at ISH Frankfurt 2015

Riello Group, the parent company of Vokèra, will be present at the world’s leading trade fair, ISH 2015.

Riello Group, with its brands Riello and Beretta, will be in attendance at ISH, the world’s biggest annual trade fair from the 10th to 14th May 2015 in Frankfurt. Riello Group will be found in Hall 8, Stand F93.

ISH brings together over 2,400 exhibitors from across the globe in order to showcase innovative bathroom design, energy efficient heating and air-conditioning technology and renewable energies.

For more information on ISH 2015 please click here.


Vokèra Commended By Domestic And General (D&G) Customers

EngineerVokèra, a leading heating manufacturer, has been highly commended by Domestic and General (D&G) customers for the second year running. D&G, the UK’s leading warranty specialist, generates a quarterly report based on a survey questionnaire sent to its customers following each callout regarding customer service and satisfaction. For the fifth quarter running Vokèra has received outstanding results. The latest report has put Vokèra in second place in comparison not only with rival boiler brands but crucially leading white goods manufacturers, with an overall satisfaction rating of 97.4%.

In 2014 as part of its on-going commitment to customers, Vokèra changed its customer care service to be open seven days a week. The centre based at the Bradford office is now open Monday through to Sunday, providing an ‘everyday’ service, with a dedicated team available to answer post-sales enquiries. This commitment to customer service is reflected in the survey results as ease of contacting Vokèra’s customer care team has risen by 4.5%, from 96.2% to 98.1% over the last year.

Another area Vokèra scored highly was for the time it took the engineer to arrive, whether they arrived on time and if not, whether they contacted the homeowner to say they were running late. Vokèra has consecutively scored highly and ended the year with a figure of 98.3%.

As well as its service, Vokèra’s engineers have also scored highly with 100% of customers satisfied with their appearance, 91.2% were delighted with their politeness, 100% were satisfied with the efficiency and overall 99.7% were satisfied with the Vokèra engineer.

The work completed by the Vokèra engineer was also commended, with only 1.9% of respondents saying that the boiler had further problems after being repaired. This reflects not only on the quality of Vokèra’s installers but also the quality of its products.

Vokèra is one of the leading UK boiler brands, renowned for its comprehensive range of energy efficient appliances, including the Unica i, Vision and Mynute i, supported by a reputation for excellence in customer service, support and training. The company’s product portfolio also includes a full range of ancillaries and control devices to optimise ease of installation and efficiency still further. Vokèra also supplies the market with a commercial boiler range, unvented cylinders, gas fired water heaters, solar thermal collectors and air source heat pumps. Established over 30 years ago, Vokèra has bases across the UK and Ireland to support each installation and every installer.

Vokèra Reaches Finals at H&V Awards 2015


Vokèra is delighted to announce that it is a finalist in the ‘Collaboration of the Year’ category at the H&V News Awards, in conjunction with Glasgow Kelvin College.

Dedicated to the education of the gas engineers of the future, Vokèra set up the College Partnership Programme in 2013 and, to date, are working with eleven colleges throughout the country to give their students the confidence they need to work in the industry.

As part of the College Partnership Programme, Glasgow Kelvin College receives marketing and educational support from Vokèra including educational material, signage and training days for students and lecturers. Vokèra also provides the college’s access to discounted boilers and sponsorship for student awards throughout the year.

The H&V Awards will be held on Thursday 16th April at Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane.The prestigious awards, which have been running for twenty-one years, aim to reward services within the building industry for their hard work and contribution to innovation.

Further updates on our progress within the competition will be posted to our website, and on our social media accounts, regularly. For more information on the H&V awards, visit there website here.

New Unica i, boasts impressive energy saving credentials

Unica i Image

Vokera launches combi range ‘Unica i’ with impressive green credentials

Vokera has launched the Unica i range of combi boilers.  The range has impressive green credentials for energy-conscious homeowners, and has been designed with ease of installation in mind.

Packed with features to maximise energy savings, the Unica i28, Unica i32 and Unica i36 have a modulation ratio of 10:1.  This exceptionally high, class-leading modulation ratio improves energy efficiency by reducing the frequency of on/off cycling, while also minimising unnecessary wear and tear on boiler components and ensuring a stable DHW flow temperature. Furthermore, by having an extremely low minimum output e.g. i28 has a minimum output of 2.8kW, it becomes an extremely attractive solution for new-build properties, where the requirements for space-heating are much lower.

To further improve Unica i’s green credentials, the range incorporates intelligent energy saving software such as weather compensation and OpenTherm.  This built-in functionality – when combined with a suitable Vokera control – enables further significant fuel efficiency saving up to £67 a year, whilst optimising end-user comfort.  The Vokera OpenTherm control offers exceptional ease for the installer, with a simple plug and play connection, eliminating the need for a Part P qualified electrician to install.

In addition to its energy saving features, the Unica i has many other selling points for homeowners.  A large DHW heat exchanger ensures the fast delivery of hot water, while the inclusion of a DHW flow meter (instead of a flow switch) allows for greater temperature stability to maximise end user comfort.  The Unica i range also boasts an LCD backlit display to improve the boiler’s user interface panel, plus an outstanding five-year warranty for added peace of mind.

The new Unica i range of boilers is very installer-friendly too.  Installation is made simple and straightforward with a rear flue option on all outputs and a newly designed fixing jig that can be removed once the pipework has been fabricated.  This improves manoeuvrability once the boiler is placed on the wall, and is especially beneficial if wall surfaces are uneven.

The superior Riello heat exchanger is also front-facing, making maintenance much simpler.

Eleanor Fox, marketing director at Vokera, said: “With energy prices on the up, homeowners are looking at ways to reduce the amount of gas and electricity they use in the home.  One way they can do this is to make sure that their heating and hot water system is as efficient as it can be.  With this in mind, we have developed the Unica i range to fulfil the need for domestic combi boilers that feature lots of different ways to reduce energy usage, without compromising on performance.”

Having a NOx emission rating of below 40mg means that the Unica i surpass’ Nox Class 5 and enables maximum credit under the ‘Code for Sustainable Homes’.  The Unica i features Vokera’s unique Autostop function as standard; this is of significant  benefit for social housing and private landlords, Autostop will, once activated, notify a tenant that action is required a month before their annual gas safety check is due.

For further information click here for the Unica i web page and literature

Unica i

Vokèra Unica i combi boiler

Outputs (kW): 28 – 32 – 36

The Unica i is a high specification condensing combi boiler range which is easy to service with its front facing profile. Advanced energy saving credentials define this product range, which boasts a class leading modulation ratio of 10:1, enabling the boiler to reduce its output to as little as 10% of its maximum output, reducing wasted energy.



  • ErP Class A
  • Up to 98% efficient (ErP space heating) when installed with optional Vokèra intelligent controls
  • 5 year warranty
  • Rear flue option
  • 10:1 modulation ratio maximises efficiency and end user comfort
  • Front mounted heat exchanger for simple maintenance
  • ‘Plug & Play’ connection to Vokèra OpenTherm Programmable Room Thermostat which cannot only save up to £67 a year on your customers’ fuel bills, but does not require a Part P qualified electrician to fit.

 Information Downloads

Click here to view all Vokèra literature

 10:1 modulation explained:

The Unica i range boasts an enviable modulation ratio of 10:1, this high ratio enables the boiler output to be reduced to as little as 10%.

For example the 28kW Unica i can reduce its output to just 2.8kW, so when the home only requires 3kW, the boiler will modulate itself down to 3kW.  Boilers with an inferior ratio, for example 4:1 would only reduce to 7kW, resulting in wasteful on/off cycling and reduced efficiency. A high modulation ratio can significantly reduce wasteful on/off cycles, which in turn, will increase component longevity and helps to ensure stable domestic hot water temperatures.

In simple terms; 10:1 modulation = better fuel efficiency, increased component longevity, optimal comfort.

Unica i

Vokèra Unica i combi boiler

The Unica i is a high specification condensing combi boiler range. Advanced energy saving credentials define this product range, which boasts a class leading modulation ratio of 10:1, enabling the boiler to reduce its output in line with the demand in your home, reducing wasted energy.

Its advanced technology also allows the Unica i to connect to the Vokera OpenTherm control; not only giving you complete control over your heating and hot water requirements, but can save up to £67 a year on your fuel bills. As well as its advanced energy saving credentials, the Unica i provides exceptional hot water comfort.



  • ErP Class A
  • 5 year parts and labour warranty
  • Combi boiler for instantaneous heating and hot water
  • Simple to operate
  • No need for storage cylinders or tanks

Information Downloads

Click here to view all Vokèra literature.

10:1 modulation explained:

The Unica i range boasts an enviable modulation ratio of 10:1, this high ratio enables the boiler output to be reduced to as little as 10%.  For example the 28kW Unica i can reduce its output to just 2.8kW, so when the home only requires 3kW, the boiler will modulate itself down to 3kW.  Boilers with an inferior ratio, for example 4:1 would only reduce to 7kW, resulting in wasteful on/off cycling and reduced efficiency. A high modulation ratio can significantly reduce wasteful on/off cycles, which in turn, will increase component longevity and helps to ensure stable domestic hot water temperatures.

In simple terms; 10:1 modulation = better fuel efficiency, increased component longevity, optimal comfort.

Vokera Spares Identification Library

Welcome to the Vokera spares identification library to help with the correct identification of Vokèra spare parts. If you already know the part number, you can use the search facility below. To get a part number, click here for Vokèra manuals, where the part numbers are listed towards the rear of the book. By entering the Vokera spare part code here, the image of the part will be displayed to help ensure the correct part is chosen.

Vokèra Supports National Energy Efficiency Campaign: Hole in the Roof

Vokèra is supporting the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council’s Hole in the Roof campaign. Launching today, November 12 2012 its purpose is to raise the awareness of energy efficiency by getting people to take action and make a change in their homes that could result in financial savings.

Hole in the Roof would like consumers to change their behaviour and stop wasting energy that is metaphorically disappearing through the roof as well as depleting the pocket. Consumers can view the Hole in the Roof website and click on any technology or heating system measure to find out what change could suit them best. This can be a simple measure like draft proofing, putting a balloon up your chimney, radiator reflectors or installing a renewable technology.

The website has a 2D house where consumers can click on various heating technologies in the house such as thermostats, solar thermal, showers, heat pumps, controls and other measures. This user friendly website will enable the public to find out more about how they can save energy and become more energy efficient. Human behaviour is one of the hardest things to change and we want people to become more aware of their actions but not preach to them and also appeal to all publics not just the green community. At the end of the day, energy costs keep rising and will hit many pockets hard as winter approaches, we need people to realise that they need to prevent money from literally disappearing through the roof.

Hole in the Roof is supported by leading environmentalist, Tony Juniper, BBC’s DIY SOS Charlie Luxton, financial expert, Jasmine Birtles and Director General of Saga, Dr Ros Altmann.

Roger Webb, HHIC Director said: “The Hole in the Roof campaign is all about making simple changes in the home in order to make your environment more energy efficient. We have some well-respected supporters from a variety of fields who all support us in our aim to raise the importance of energy efficiency. We want people to become enthused about changing their behaviour to sign up to the fact that as a collective whole we can make a difference. We can’t force people to change their behaviour but we can try to tap into the reasons they might want to. The Hole in the Roof campaign provides a fun and interactive website and a humorous animation to watch called: The Romans all to help kick-start action.”

For further information please contact Jodie Wiltshire on 01926 513743 or email Please visit our Hole in the Roof website at Like us on Face book, and tweet us on Twitter as well as watching our fantastic animation called The Romans on YouTube.