Continuing Our Commitment to Supporting Our Installers

By Neil Mattock, Marketing Director at Vokèra


We are thrilled to announce that we have been busy making improvements to our Vokèra Affinity loyalty and reward programme in an effort to further support our valued installers. The updated platform now offers installers easier access, extra features and even more rewards.



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Come and see us at Installer 2017 and PHEX+ during May

By Neil Mattock, Marketing Director at Vokèra

Vokèra will be showcasing its innovative range of domestic and commercial boilers at both Installer 2017 and PHEX+ along with the state-of-the-art BeSMART Wi-Fi enabled thermostat. Come and see us to get hands on with the latest Vokèra products, which also feature the new branding, and see our fresh literature. We will be on hand, as the faces behind the brand, to speak to and answer any questions or queries you have regarding our products or the industry.

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Have you seen our new literature yet? Following a revamp of our branding we have developed a new Domestic Gas Boilers brochure, refreshed the literature and updated our datasheets. Everything can be downloaded from our website and has been designed to make product specification easier for installers and provide homeowners with more information.


Neil Mattock, Marketing Director at Vokèra, commented: “We want to make the lives of installers simple and ensure they can easily help their customers. This is why we decided to modify and evolve our product literature to ensure it was accessible to both installers as well as the end user. Our aim is to present key information in a concise way without having to delve into lengthy product specifics within the new gas boiler brochure but also provide informative and technical information in our datasheets.”

The refreshed literature includes a new Domestic Gas Boilers brochure, which can be used by both installers as well as given to customers. Providing information on the Vokèra brand as well as the various product solutions, the brochure makes use of imagery, diagrams, graphs and icons to ensure the document is user friendly.

Icons displaying key information are replicated across the whole product range enabling installers and customers to instantly identify the crucial specifications of each particular product.

Existing literature has also been updated to fit our new branding including a dedicated brochure on BeSMART, one of the first internet enabled heating control systems, specifically engineered to complement the Vokèra boiler range whilst maintaining compatibility with the majority of residential boilers.

The BeSMART brochure offers information on the benefits of the technology and specifications of the product in a simple way and without heavy use of text. It again integrates icons, imagery and diagrams to make the content accessible to varying audiences.

There is a handy Pocket Product Guide, which is a more in depth specification and description of the Vokèra products as well as support and training opportunities, aimed more toward installers. This includes the icons, graphs and diagrams as standard across the new literature but also offers QR codes which installers can scan to lead them to our YouTube channel where short videos are available on given topics.

Our hard working team have succeeded in creating new literature that is perfectly in line with our exciting new branding, visually appealing, consistent, current and easy to understand. All the new literature can be downloaded here


There is just over a week remaining on our free 10 year warranty offer for Vokèra Affinity members installing a BeSMART Wi-Fi enabled thermostat with a Vision C or Unica i combi boiler.

The easy to install BeSMART Wi-Fi enabled thermostat is specifically designed to enable homeowners to change and adapt their heating at their convenience. The Internet enabled heating control system allows users to set their own personal preferences through the BeSMART App.

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We are delighted to welcome Peter Diamant to our team as Sales Director for the UK.

Having worked in the HVAC sector for many years, Peter holds extensive industry knowledge and first-hand experience of the merchant and manufacturing side of the market, both within the UK and internationally. Peter’s new role includes supporting and growing the Vokèra brand with new and existing customers, in both the residential and commercial sectors.

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Not only has Vokèra recently celebrated 25 years in Scotland, but five Directors have also racked up an impressive collective century of experience. Phil Adams (Managing Director), Darren Payne (Operations Director), Alister Maclachlan (Product Director), Terry Asser (Commercial Director) and Phillip Ng (Finance Director) have worked for Vokèra or within the Riello Group for a combined total of 130 years.

“This is an impressive figure and we are proud to have such experienced people sitting in our top management,” comments Phil Adams. “Having this wealth of knowledge at the company is invaluable as it gives peace of mind to our customers. They know that they are talking to experts that really understand the business and the wider industry. It is also a great testament to Vokèra and the way it develops and grows its staff.”

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Vokèra is providing installers with an early Christmas present by extending its popular Affinity 10 promotion into the New Year until 31st January 2017. The promotion rewards Vokèra Affinity members who have registered Vision C and Unica i boilers, as well as the new BeSMART Wi-Fi enabled thermostat.

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As leading manufacturers in the heating industry, Vokèra has a lot of history. This year, we celebrate our 25th anniversary in Scotland, where our office was set up all those years ago. The company has had a direct presence in Glasgow since 1991, but has knowingly outgrown its existing premises, which is why we made the decision to move to a new state-of-the-art building.

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Vokèra is delighted to announce it has revitalised its branding and will be rolling out the new style over the coming months. The new logo and brand message ensures a consistent message is portrayed across Vokèra’s product portfolio and underlines its relationship to parent company, Riello.

“Vokèra is a leading boiler manufacturer within the UK and Ireland but few people are aware that we are also part of the larger Riello Group,” comments Neil Mattock, Marketing Director at Vokèra. “Riello is a renowned global brand in the HVAC sector. Combining the heritage of Vokèra and Riello creates a stronger presence and reinforces the Vokèra commitment to product quality and reliability”.

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Up until now, five-year-old Molly’s family have been living in a house that has simply does not meet her needs. Molly, who has learning disabilities, needed a home that could allow her and her family to carry out everyday activities such as washing, staying warm and moving about. Vokèra was more than happy to get involved in a complete refurbishment headed by Ecotechnicians Co-operative, working fast to install a new Unica i32 combi boiler and BeSMART thermostat control system.


Molly’s mum, Tina Roberts, was determined to fully adapt their home to give Molly the best possible chance at independence, which meant that the property required quite a substantial amount of conversion. The existing boiler was removed before volunteer tradesmen checked and re-routed the gas supply to ensure the new boiler and fixings worked effectively. A vertical flue was installed to guarantee proper functionality and allow condensation to flow out from the roof of the house.

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