Vokera Site Map

Vokera Site Map

Pre Sales Advice

Vokèra Pre Sales Advice Centre

Our pre sales advice can assist you in finding the right products for your specific needs. Our pre sales advice team can help you decide what type of product would be suitable for your home.

Our pre sales advice provides the support and reassurance that you may need when you are considering a certain product for your home.

  Our pre sales advice team provide support on:
  • Upgrading your existing boiler to a new Vokèra boiler
  • Solar thermal solutions
  • Air to water heat pump solutions
  • Special boiler flueing arrangements
  • Special boiler solutions
  • Commercial solutions

To contact our pre sales advice centre please email us here.

Environmental Policy

Our commitment to the environment

Vokèra Ltd is committed to minimizing the negative impact on the environment in every aspect of our business of research and development, design, production and operations of bringing heating products to market. An exhaustive review of UK operations is currently underway, in line with the requirements of BS EN ISO14001. Until this review is completed, and the appropriate policy implemented, the Board of Directors of Vokèra Ltd have adopted the following policy.

Vokèra is committed to reducing waste, recycling any waste generated through all our operations, disposing unavoidable waste in a responsible way and use local resources wherever possible in every aspect of our business, as outlined above.
Every consideration is given in the design of our products to achieve the highest levels of quality and efficiency to minimize any negative impact on the environment.

As part of our philosophy for continual improvement, reducing the impact our operations have on the environment forms part of our BSI meetings and KPI’s. Business decisions are always considered in-line with our commitment to protecting the environment, ensuring we are always doing everything we can to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Environmental Actions

Actions taken to reducing waste, maximize recycling, disposing of unavoidable waste in a responsible way and using local resources:

  • In our research and development centre, prototype boilers on test are used to heat the lab and part of the offices saving 30% energy.
  • Where possible resources are obtained from sustainable sources, at one of our manufacturing plants, a water well beneath the site is used.
  • Water used to test our boilers at the end of production is re used.
  • All the condensing, primary and bi-thermic heat-exchangers are recyclable, being made in aluminium and copper.
  • All control panels are recyclable being made in recyclable plastic.
  • All metallic parts (frames, casing, and other components) are recyclable being made in steel.
  • All packaging is recyclable, being made in cardboard.
  • In our UK Offices we actively recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, tin and printer consumable waste, working with Paper Planet Recycling. This recycling programme saves upon 3000 litres of waste going to landfill every month.
  • Vokèra head office in London Colney and regional office in Callan, have their DHW supplied by Solar Energy after having our own Zenith Solar thermal systems installed in early 2007.
  • All electrical appliances where possible are turned off when not in use to reduce our energy consumption.
  • We transport over 80% of our boilers into the UK via container, this enables 30 more boilers to be transported in one load equating to one less load in 10.
  • Our flexibility in delivering products to individual merchant branches or to site results in carbon savings with a lesser burden on transporting boilers to a regional distribution centre, to branch and then to site.

Actions taken to maximize product efficiency to minimize impact on the environment:

  • Significant research and development has been undertaken to gain maximum efficiency from our boilers, this includes very high modulation ratio’s enabling the boilers to modulate right down to the minimum flow temperature required to achieve the temperature required. We boast some of the highest modulation ratios in the industry.
  • Our product quality is amongst the best in the industry, currently running at over 99% reliability, results in fewer warranty call outs and less vehicles on the road.
  • We commit to limiting emissions such as CO2 and NOx, with many of our condensing range having a class 5 NOx rating.

About Vokèra

About Vokèra

Vokèra is a leading heating manufacturer, with a product portfolio that includes domestic gas boilers, light commercial gas boilers, unvented cylinders, water heaters, solar thermal collectors and air source heat pumps.

Vokèra Limited was established over 35 years ago and has bases across the UK and Ireland, which support every Vokèra installation. Vokèra offers the complete home heating package. With 100% of Vokèra boilers being tested before they leave the factory, the Vokèra brand offers peace of mind with a lifetime reliability. Backed by the financial strength and stability of global parent company, Riello Group, Vokèra maintains a firm focus on the needs of the UK and Ireland markets, and is a brand trusted by home owners, installers, merchants and specifiers alike. Looking to the future, our policy of continuous innovation and technological advancement means that our products are leading the market in increased energy efficiency. Vokèra is ISO 9001 approved, supports the ‘Benchmark’ initiative, are members of the Heating and Hot Water Industry Council, the Gas Safe Register and the RGII.

 The Management Team
Phil Adams

Phil Adams

Managing Director

Phil joined Vokèra in 2015, having worked within the HVAC industry and Vokèra’s parent company, Riello Group, for nearly 20 years. As Managing Director, with extensive knowledge of the industry and a wealth of experience, Phil’s role involves continuing to strengthen and grow the Vokèra business within the UK and Ireland and the development of the Vokèra brand.

Neil Gaffney

Neil Gaffney

Managing Director – Ireland

Neil was appointed to Managing Director – Ireland for Vokèra in September 2010, he has worked in the heating industry for many years. Neil is responsible for generating and implementing the strategic growth plan in Ireland and managing all Ireland operations.

Peter Diamant

Peter Diamant

UK Sales & Business Development Director

Peter Diamant joined Vokèra in 2017 and has wealth of industry experience. Peter is responsible for the External Sales Team who ensure our trade customers get exceptional back up support. Our External Sales Team is committed to customer support, contributing to the continued growth in Vokèra sales nationwide.

Alister Maclachlan

Alister Maclachlan

Product Director

Alister joined Vokèra in 1991, he is responsible for Product Development and Management as well as ensuring Product Conformity, Certification and Quality.

Darren Payne

Darren Payne

Operations Director

Darren joined Vokèra in 1983, he is responsible for structuring our industry leading Service Division and Outbound Logistics of Vokèra spare parts. He is also responsible for ICT, Facility Management and BSI.

Neil Mattock

Neil Mattock

Marketing Director & Head of Training

Neil joined Vokèra in 2014, he is responsible for creating and implementing the Marketing Strategy, to maintain a strong brand position and good customer relations. Neil also heads up the company’s Technical Training Team who help maintain professionalism and high standards in the industry.

Image Library

Image Library

If you are looking for an image of a Vokera Product, you can download it from here. Can’t find what you are looking for, please email us: marketing@vokera.co.uk

If you are using Vokera images online, and would like us to let you know when products are upgraded, please type your email address in the box below and click ‘submit’. However, if you require the Vokera logo please email us.


Linea One>>
Linea HE>>
Unica HE>>
Unica i>>
Vision C>>
Compact A>>
Compact HE>>
Mynute HE>>
Mynute i>>
Vision S>>
Mynute EHE>>
Mynute VHE>>
AquaFlow Twin>>
Zenith On Tile>>
Zenith Inset>>
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Standard Flue Kit (520)>>
Plume Management Kit (522)>>
90 degree bend (523)>>
45 degree bend (524)>>
Extensions 500/1000/2000 mm (525/526/527)>>
Telescopic extension (528)>>
Vertical flue terminal (530)>>
Flat plate flashing plate (531/532)>>
Pitched plate flashing plate (531/532)>>
Telescopic rear flue (533)>>
White nose cone (29450130)>>
45 degree plume divertor (487)>>


OpenTherm control (20050690)>>
Outside Weather compensation control (2359259)>>
24hr Clock for Unica HE (433)>>
Twin channel clock for Mynute HE (514)>>
7 Day RF programmable room thermostat (20059643)
RF room thermostat (20059642)
Compact A 24hr analogue clock kit including pipe cover (20025085)

Solar Accessories:

Pitched roof fixing kit (1150849)>>
Flat roof fixing kit (1150839)>>
Premium controller 3 temp (1150499)>>


Careers at Vokera

Are you interested in working with one of the leading boiler brands in the UK? If the answer is yes, we would like to hear from you.

You can apply immediately for the job you are interested in by clicking on the relevant link below. If you would like to make an enquiry about a position not listed, please email your CV to: careers@vokera.co.uk

Vokèra Service Agents

Vokèra is dedicated to supporting every Vokèra boiler and Renewable technology installation with our own service engineers and service agent partners. We are currently looking to expand our support network and are looking for new service agent partnerships. If you are looking to grow your business with Vokèra and are loyal to the Vokèra brand we would like to hear from you.

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Vokera Spare Parts Stockists

Vokera Spare Parts Stockists

Please choose a place from the list below, press ‘go’. The results which then will display are the current stockists for that area.


Vokèra AquaNova water heater

Output (kW): 28

The AquaNova instantaneous multipoint water heater is extremely popular due to its high performance and simple installation and commissioning. Ideal applications include; small domestic properties such as flats, office kitchens, remote cloakrooms, or where a dead leg would exceed British Standards.



  • ErP Class A
  • Instantaneous gas water heater
  • Flow rate of 11.8 l/min
  • Simple installation and commissioning
  • 2 year warranty

Information Downloads

Click here to view all Vokèra literature.

AquaFlow Twin

Vokèra AquaFlow Twin coil unvented cylinder

Capacity Range (litres): 200 – 250 – 300

The AquaFlow Twin unvented cylinder complements Vokèra’s range of Zenith solar thermal collectors and system and open vent boilers. AquaFlow Twin cylinders have two coils, the top for connection to the boiler and the bottom for connection to the solar collector/s. Many features are built in as standard such as a secondary return and solar thermal sensor bosses.



  • Easy and quick to install
  • The AquaFlow Twin can be installed and later connected to a Solar thermal system
  • No cold water feed tanks required which means a dry loft space
  • Inner tank is guaranteed for 25 years (2 years ancillary components)
  • Factory fitted with one immersion heater

 Information Downloads

Click here to view all Vokera literature.

 Further Information

The AquaFlow Twin houses two coils: the top coil is usually connected to your boiler, the bottom coil can them be connected to a Solar thermal system. If you are upgrading your heating system and water cylinder, it may make economical sense to have an AquaFlow Twin coil cylinder that can be connected to Solar thermal system at the same time or at a later date.


Vokèra AquaFlow indirect unvented cylinder

Capacity Range (litres): 120 – 150 – 180 – 200 – 250 – 300

The AquaFlow indirect unvented cylinder complements Vokèra’s range of system and open vent boilers.The AquaFlow cylinders provide high performance mains pressure to all hot water outlets with a flow rate up to 50 litres per minute, with many features built in as standard.



  • For use with the Vokèra Mynute VHE, Mynute i, and Vision S ranges
  • Inner tank is guaranteed for 25 years (2 years on ancillary components)
  • Compact dimensions
  • Up to 50 litres per minute flow rate
  • Building and Water Regulations Approved

 Information Downloads

Click here to view all Vokera literature.